We’re honored by what people say about NothingPink. Presented here, are some of our favorite quotes from people who have received support and help from NothingPink.

“You’re the sweetest, most precious girl!  Thanks from the bottom of my heart for my box of goodies!  Wow! I am simply speechless! The robe, the hoodie, the necklace, the notebook, the tea and mug, and the check.  You just made my day! This made today even sweeter as I went for an ultrasound because I felt like my tumor had grown.  Surgery is scheduled for Feb 7 but to be safe they wanted to check size. So went today and No growth! No change! Praise God!  So this package just meant so much after the kind of day I’ve had. Love you and appreciate u”.
Kristen:  a fighter, a mother, a wife, a teacher, a friend, 37 years young
“The results came back negative! I feel pretty good that I finally had it done and that I know for sure. I also feel at least a little bit of comfort in knowing there will be extra eyes to help make sure if anything does develop it’ll be caught quickly by having MRI’s and Mammograms annually. Thanks”!
Ladocia: daughter who lost her mother to breast cancer and promised her she would take better care of herself.
“I can’t thank you enough for the Goodie Bag! I was so surprised with all the items in it.
I will definitely put all of it to good use!  It’s so nice to have yours and NothingPink’s support!
Thank you again”!
Cheryl: BRCA + decided on preventative mastectomy and reconstruction 61 years
“The support Nothingpink provided during my preventive double mastectomy journey is irreplaceable. NothingPink provided support and encouragement when I needed it most. BRCA does not define who I am, and the support Nothingpink provides has helped me realize I am not alone in this journey. I am looking forward to volunteering with NothingPink to help educate our community and support those who are facing a similar journey I have just experienced”.
Meghan: BRCA+ decided on preventative mastectomy and reconstruction 29 years

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