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Our Local Peer Support Program provides you with information and support through decisions whether you are at high risk, BRCA+, or currently have Breast or Ovarian cancer. We have women who have been through some tough times and just want to be there for you.

NothingPink understands there are a lot of questions and decisions upon receiving genetic testing results or a cancer diagnosis. We also understand having someone here locally can make a huge difference. Talking with a peer who is going to local doctors and undergoing local treatments reminds us that we are “real people” going through a “real thing”.

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Cancer Support

My results were as I expected – I have the BRCA 2 mutation. I just had a feeling I did. As I took the next steps of screening with MRI’s, mammograms, ultrasounds, and a biopsy of an irregular spot I knew I wanted to move forward with a preventative double mastectomy. The thought of frequent doctor visits with screenings, and hoping to catch cancer ‘early’ was a stressful and fearful existence. I want to avoid treatment, chemo, radiation, ‘sickness’; if I could get ahead of the pink world I want to do that and not put my family through all the struggles I faced as a young child. ~ Carrie

Reach out to our Support Team today by completing the following form. Please provide as much detail as possible. We look forward walking alongside you.