Get Support with our local peer support Program

Our local peer support Program provides you with information and support whether you are at high risk, BRCA+, or currently have breast or ovarian cancer. We have women who have been through some tough times and just want to be there for you.

NothingPink understands there are a lot of questions and decisions upon receiving genetic testing results or a cancer diagnosis. We also understand having someone here locally can make a huge difference. Talking with a peer who is going to local doctors and undergoing local treatments reminds us that we are “real people” going through a “real thing”.

Support meetings are currently held monthly in Fort Mill, SC and Charlotte, NC.  Fill out our Support Form to find out more information about dates and locations. 


Looking for support online? We have built an online support system for patients that have questions to the many decisions that go along with hereditary cancer. Please check out our Facebook page, BRCA Navigator:

You can also get in touch with our Peer Support Team today
by completing the Support Form.

Cancer Support

My results were as I expected – I have the BRCA 2 mutation. I just had a feeling I did. As I took the next steps of screening with MRI’s, mammograms, ultrasounds, and a biopsy of an irregular spot I knew I wanted to move forward with a preventative double mastectomy. The thought of frequent doctor visits with screenings, and hoping to catch cancer ‘early’ was a stressful and fearful existence. I want to avoid treatment, chemo, radiation, ‘sickness’; if I could get ahead of the pink world I want to do that and not put my family through all the struggles I faced as a young child. ~ Carrie

Reach out to our Support Team today by completing the following form. Please provide as much detail as possible. We look forward walking alongside you.