Barnabas has made a huge impression on me over the past few months of studying the book of Acts as well as watching A.D.

This guy literally has the nickname, “Son of Encouragement.” Can you imagine? I have a lot of nicknames but none that come even close to that. He brought brothers together, changed perspectives, and selflessly gave. Do you know anyone like that?

I imagine Barnabas to have a larger goofball island in his head then most people. He’s smart but silly. He’s quick and forgiving. He extends a hand and creates unity among others. He’s fair and patient. Do you know anyone like that?

This person is constantly on your team. They cheer you on when you are striving and pick you up when you are down. They are mindful and genuine. They remember your answers and things going on in your life. They put themselves behind everything else. This person opens their heart and mind. They are accepting when no one else is. They worry about your feelings and have great concern. They pray for you and pray with you.

To all the Barnabas’ in my life – thank you.

Tonight my dear friend Heather received a phone call to foster a child. This is something that her family has been preparing for over some time now. They currently have a four-year-old son who was adopted at birth. My mind is blown. Not because it’s another child or the unorganized process of getting a phone call to foster, but of the selfless love and overwhelming open arms that her and her husband have for children. These are not just “children.” They are children of our great God. Children that he so desperately seeks us to care for. And they do! They actually do. They open their house and take in this unknown child. I can’t even begin to understand that level of compassion. I’m just blown away. I’m grateful that they are in my life to teach me compassion. I’m grateful to witness God’s love that is pouring through them. I’m grateful to be able to see them obey God’s command to care for orphans.

They are a true reflection of Barnabas.