Most people think that after chemo, life returns to “normal”. I only wish I could say that. To go back to the life of zumba, Target, and my baby crawling around would be amazing. But, I know, even on the hard days, that God has a plan for me and I’m grateful for the struggles that I have to overcome almost 4 years from my date of diagnosis. 4 years. 4 years lived. 4 years longer. 4 years more to see my babies growing up. It’s not something that once diagnosed women always have a choice in. I’m so grateful.

I’m home now from surgery and feeling like my mind is racing and ready to go! I want to move around, jump and play with my girls. I’m desperate for a Target trip and to splurge at Starbucks! While I’m able to sit up now I’m still bound to my home with 4 drains that are less than attractive. See hospital drain purse with farm animals below 🙂 Cracks me up!!

I’m so grateful even for these drains. I’m able to be in my home, have parents who will love and care for my girls while I’m healing, a husband who continues to amaze me, and friends who surround me with love and prayers. So while I’m bound to this home, I’m grateful and learning through the struggles of his plan for me. He knows my stubbornness and that I unlike most, need to be pushed and pushed to prove his glory and unforgettable love and grace.