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It’s been four and a half years now since my diagnosis day. October 2nd 2018 will be a celebratory day for me. 5 years in the Triple Negative breast cancer world is a monumental celebration. You see, triple negative breast cancer characteristically has a high recurrence rate, which drops down sharply after five years. While I never celebrated the end of chemotherapy or any one of my 13 surgeries, I will without a doubt, be celebrating this day.

Almost five years ago my phone rang and changed the direction of my life forever. My story, which is often shared in pieces, will be shared fully at MommyCon 2018. I’m so excited to be back in front of the women and men in our community and surrounding areas to bring awareness to power in prevention through genetic testing for hereditary cancer.

Sounds fun right?

Here’s the thing I’ve learned. Unless something affects you or someone you love, it’s hard to be invested in the knowledge or truth surrounding the issue. It’s hard to be empathetic due to a lack of understanding. But I know, for a fact, that EVERYONE knows someone who has had breast cancer. With a 1 in 8 diagnosis rate (and rising) it’s impossible not to.

So, how do I make this interesting? 3 things that I know are important to you.

1. Your life

2. Your parents

3. Your kids

When I tell you my story, you will think less about me, and more about yourself. It’s our nature as humans. You will look at me. A healthy, youngish women, with two little girls and think, oh my God, this could happen to me. Done.

When you hear my story, you will think of where you came from. Not just your Mom. You will remember that God created us from a man and a woman and that ultimately anything genes, hair, having freckles, bad knees, can be passed down to generations to come. Done.

When you hear my story, you will start to think about what you can do differently to make sure you are here for the most important thing you were created for. Your children. You will think about the last time you had a mammogram. You will schedule the OB/GYN appointment you’ve been putting off. You will swap out the ice cream and put in the carrots for your smoothie. Done.

I’m absolutely thrilled to meet each and everyone of you. I’m a Mom of 2, married to the best man for me, Korey and I can’t wait to share with you how a simple test saved my life.