What defines you? Truly, what do you wake up in the morning and think about?

I have been asking God to teach me over the past few weeks. To teach me whatever it is that he needs me to know right now, in this moment of my life. I’m open. My heart and my ears are open. I know that asking him this question is like asking him for patience. We may not always be comfortable with the way God teaches us. I’m still open though.

He gives me flashes. Like little mini movie previews of the big picture. It’s his guidance.

We talked a lot about rest today at church, specifically the Sabbath. I just want to share a few words from Pastor Chadwick that truly hit me in ways I needed to hear going through this request to be taught by Jesus.

ALL time belongs to God.

YOU belong to God.

Help me to remember this Lord as this process unfolds for your glory.

Do you believe in the promises of your Heavenly father?

Rest, he will provide.

Calm, inner presence of God is rest for our souls.

This should be an everyday thought. Starting my day with him provides a constant rest and peace in my soul.


I am helpless and dependent, and I come to you, Lord!

I wish I had these words hammered in the walls of the room that I laid in day after day struggling to survive. Pastor Chadwick reminded us that we reach up to the Lord as our children do to us for them to be held, even after their behavior or actions frustrate us. And what do we do? We pick them up. We get them their drink of water. We console them. And guess what? So does our Father. Even after the hurt and sin or doubt.

He always picks up his children. Thank you, Jesus.