It’s probably no surprise to you that eating healthy and exercising help prevent cancer. But, several recent studies suggest that higher levels of physical activity (about 60 minutes, five days/week) are associated with reduced risks of getting cancer, lessening the chance of recurrence, and also will help lengthen survival after a cancer diagnosis.

So what experts once suspected has now been proven: as a cancer survivor, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight can help you live a longer life – free from cancer.

I started training Kelly Kashmer, breast cancer survivor and utterly hilarious woman, about a month and a half ago. She wanted to stop putting off getting into a health & exercise routine, even though she had yet another surgery planned that would take place shortly after we began working together.

We developed a schedule to meet twice a week, set some fitness and clean(er) eating goals, and I provided her with workouts for her to do on her own when I wasn’t around.

We had a little set back when her surgery took place just a few weeks after we started. But for several weeks now we have been hitting it hard and getting her stronger while increasing intensity (just a bit) each time we meet. More specifically, we started with lighter weights and more reps, moving very slowly and making lots of modifications, to now adding on heavier weights and more cardio intervals-getting her heart rate up higher with Tabata and a more fast-paced workout all around.

I am excited to see each small milestone Kelly has reached thus far and can’t wait for us to set some new goals and help her get even stronger, leaner, and more motivated moving forward.

I find working with clients who are determined like Kelly and really want to make a serious commitment to change the most rewarding part of my job. It is also a huge bonus that we laugh 50% of her workout time, so it makes the time fly by and is truly enjoyable for me (not sure how Kelly feels since she is the one working hard….)

Helping Kelly cut down on her sugar intake, eat less processed foods, and push her to move her body in smart, but effective ways to get physically fit are all going to help her feel more confident, positive, strong, and healthy. And, I pray, keep her cancer free for the rest of her life!

I have recently started an online fitness training business, where I can physically teach 30-35 minute workouts to anyone, anywhere! This, in addition to teaching group exercise classes, training individuals, partners, and small groups, doing pantry evaluations and healthy grocery shopping trips, as well as creating and hosting really amazing wellness retreats are just a few of the programs I currently offer. If you would like more information or to reach out and ask a question, please visit my website at

Starting Monday October 23rd, I will be teaching fitness classes and doing private, partner, and small group trainings at a new location:

CENTER STAGE DANCE ACADEMY, which is located at:
2020 Gold Hill Rd in Fort Mill

My first class is Monday, October 23rd at 9:15am.

Here are some of my classes/times just as I begin:
Excel Core Fusion Class: 9:15am on Mondays
Excel Total Strength Class: 8:00am on Tuesdays
Excel Barre Fusion Class: 9:15am on Wednesdays
Excel HIIT Strength Class: 9:15am on Fridays