Product Reviews

Hello friends!

Recently I was on my girls trip to Boone, NC. It’s an annual trip which has now been planned late April to give us all some air and quiet after the big fundraising event. I will tell you that this years trip was by far the BEST! We were on our own time, cooked together, cried together, laughed together and just enjoyed all the beautiful gifts God has given us.

If you are ever interested in the cutest cabin in Boone, it’s called Sunburst cabin – amazing!


Now, I have NEVER been a crunchy person (no granola here). Even after my diagnosis, I never made changes to my diet or products I use. Sun screen, shower gel, hair dye….you name it. Nor are any of my Aldi loving, Lysol using friends 🙂

However, slowly, I have had health issues that I cannot explain and only attribute to the poison that was once put in my body to fight off cancer cells. My only other explanation of these health issues would be my implants which have been surgically removed and implanted around 10 times. Which is why I’m choosing to ex-plant in June.

So, on to the topic of deodorant. I know, it’s weird, but a subject that needs to be addressed.

As we were getting ready one evening in Boone, I noticed the bedroom we shared filled with this cloud of spray from my deodorant. It freaked me out and my friends were coughing from the cloud. Later that night, my friends kindly suggested based on my history, to start using an all natural deodorant. I’ve suffered from thyroid problems, swollen lymph nodes under my arm pits and breast cancer. You think I would have already done this by now….

I ordered Piper Wai an all natural deodorant made from charcoal which neutralizes odor and absorbs moisture without any of the yucky stuff. This deodorant has been AWESOME! Not only is there no odor but even more difficult to overcome, no sweating!! I highly recommend purchasing and at least giving it a try! I guarantee you will not regret it. And from one “semi-crunchy” girl to you – it’s my new favorite product.