What is NothingPink

NothingPink is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on making genetic testing more accessible through awareness, education, funding and support. We carry out our mission in several ways including community events, conferences, 1:1 support, group support, care packages, “shop NP”, and our annual fundraising event.

Our Mission


Our Team


Why the Name NothingPink?

To start, the name always catches people a little off guard. Point, achieved! The name “nothingpink” was taken from the phrase, “There’s nothing pink about breast cancer.” It’s the pink world no one wants to be part of. Think about the things you connect with in life that are pink.

Barbies, bubble gum, hearts, bows, cotton candy, and fun!

Now, let me ask you another question. Do you have cancer? Did you have cancer? Do you know someone in your family who battled cancer? Did you experience or feel anything “pink” about it?

While we support the awareness of the ribbon and the color pink, it’s incredibly difficult going through a cancer diagnosis, and we know that as well. Our goal as an organization is to get in ahead of the “pink” world. We want to educate women and men about the importance of genetic counseling and genetic testing. NothingPink wants to ensure everyone is given the opportunity to prevent the disease and make life-saving decisions for the future.