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What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing is a powerful tool that can be used to start creating a plan for the future of your health. It's recommended to see a Genetic Counselor prior to going through the genetic testing process to determine hereditary cancers. The benefit of meeting with the cancer Genetic Counselor is determining the hereditary risk based on the individual’s family medical history. It will also provide further discussion regarding:

  • If it's right to go through genetic testing.
  • The medical implications of a positive result.
  • Emotional, psychological, and social consequences and benefits of knowing the results.
  • Cancer screening or prevention methods.
  • Referrals to experts for follow-up screening and risk management.
  • The potential risk of passing a mutation to children.
  • Privacy of your genetic information.

Who should consider BRCA or genetic panel testing:

Do you have:

  • Breast cancer diagnosis before age 50 years
  • Triple Negative breast cancer
  • Ovarian cancer diagnosis
  • A history of mulitple breast cancers
  • A case(s) of male breast cancer in your family
  • Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity

Does your family have:

  • Any breast cancer diagnosis before age 50
  • One or more females diagnosed with ovarian cancer
  • Two cases of breast cancer on the same side of the family (same individual or different)
  • Two or more primary types of BRCA1- or BRCA2-related cancers in a single family member
  • A male family member diagnosed with breast cancer
  • A family member diagnosed with triple negative cancer at any age

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