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In a Hurry, For What? Part 1

I’m going to title this Part 1 because this is a subject that has been and will be a struggle for some time, I’m sure.It’s a struggle getting back to life again. Things I didn’t have to think about before:1. Chemo brain (wait what?)2. Doctor appointments3. Aches and pains4. Fatigue beyond the normal5. Diet change6. [...]

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Anxiety of Medical Bills from Cancer

So I made a deal with Korey when I started treatment that we shouldn’t talk about how much things cost. I knew that I would avoid going to certain doctor appointments and certainly fight hard on going to the ER when I had fevers. It just didn’t make sense for me to know all the details [...]

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1 Year Down From The End

It’s been one year since my last chemo treatment (thank you for not applauding). The roller coaster of the end, one year ago, I will say seems to continue. One year ago I ended treatment and my life “resumed” as normal. I went back to the same life I had been living. That’s what I wanted after [...]

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