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Two Years Ago Today

Two years ago today I walked into a mahogany decorated room with dim lights, travel books, leather chairs and couches. I waited with Korey for what seemed to be days. The red lettering on the stacks of paper the doctor brought in had my mind racing. He sat down, and said in a quiet but sure voice, "We have [...]

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Who is the Barnabas in Your Life?

Barnabas has made a huge impression on me over the past few months of studying the book of Acts as well as watching A.D.This guy literally has the nickname, "Son of Encouragement." Can you imagine? I have a lot of nicknames but none that come even close to that. He brought brothers together, changed perspectives, [...]

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My Eyes Are Up Here . . .

It’s awkward, but someone needs to say it. I’m sure I would be guilty of the exact same thing if the tables were turned. I mean, it’s your boobies. They are front and center. They are eye catchers, candy! It’s okay when it’s someone you don’t mind looking. But, God, it is just absolutely so [...]

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I Am Helpless and Dependent

What defines you? Truly, what do you wake up in the morning and think about? I have been asking God to teach me over the past few weeks. To teach me whatever it is that he needs me to know right now, in this moment of my life. I'm open. My heart and my ears are [...]

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What to Say/Do - Part 3 Finished with Chemo

WHAT TO SAYWHAT NOT TO SAYWHAT TO DOWHAT NOT TO DOHow are you feeling about this?Congratulations!!Have an intimate prayer time with friends/family about next steps.Do not have a party/celebration without knowledge. This doesn't end. Not to mention the drugs you were just taking to kill the disease in your body you have stopped taking. What [...]

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What to Say/Do - Part 2 Going Through Chemotherapy

WHAT TO SAYWHAT NOT TO SAYWHAT TO DOWHAT NOT TO DOPlease let me help you.It can't be that bad.Make a card holder.Tell me about the food you brought (sometimes the stomach just can't handle it).Please let me be there for you.I thought they said it wouldn't be too bad?Check to make sure spouse is holding [...]

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What to Say/Do - Part 1 Diagnosis

What to sayWhat NOT to sayWhat to doWhat NOT to doI'm sorry.Naming any family member or friend who had cancer.Buy plants (they last longer).Avoid flowers (being in a bed for weeks and watching flowers die is only a reminder of what it feels like is happening).I will pray for you (actually do it).You are going [...]

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Preparing your Bedroom for Chemotherapy

Each person's experience is different with chemotherapy. I was told when I first met with my doctor and nurse that I would feel a little yucky some days but never be sick.I told everyone this! I was so positive that chemotherapy had changed from what our parents/grandparents had seen before that I went into this [...]

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Tears For My Soul

My dad calls or texts me all the time asking if I’ve worked out today. I have to say it’s motivating, because the thought of saying no would be heartbreaking! My father is a workout fanatic. He always has been. As a football coach most of my life, he has always been in shape. My [...]

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Use This For Good

Being at church this morning was another sign that this will be used for his good.Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (NIV)I’ve read this verse before (or heard this verse before). I understood what [...]

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